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Water Company in Edgewater, MD

Arundel Gas & Water Company In Edgewater, MD

Our company provides clean, sanitary water to households throughout the area. We want all of your plants, pets, and family to stay healthy and thrive. The best and easiest way to ensure your water is properly connected and safe to use is to have it serviced by our local water company in MD. We work with the water used in your home until it’s clear, clean, and safe to use. You and your whole household will be able to drink, bathe, and wash with no fear of health hazards.

If your water has bad smells or stains, call us right away. Drinking contaminated water can be dangerous, and your health is our highest priority. Our water company will diagnose the problem and do everything we can as soon as we can to fix it. Water conditioning is one of the services we do best; our crews can even show you ways to improve your water quality and save money on your monthly bills. We consider it an honor to help our fellow residents preserve one of the planet’s most precious resources.

Water Treatment Services Made Simple

Each home and water system is a little bit different. That’s why we adapt our water treatment services to your specific situation and the local plumbing code, so you receive the right solution for you. All you have to do is call our experienced staff and we’ll be right over to take a look at your water and make it the best it can be. Our licensed and bonded business offers competitive rates on our products and services, because no one should have to pay exorbitant prices for an essential and basic need like water.

We also provide automatic delivery for salt, test kits, chemicals, filters, and bulk deliveries too. This ensures that your system has everything it needs to give your home clean water. Should it ever require more, you’ll be glad to know that we stock plenty of common replacement parts. Everything we do is done in-house; there are no sub-contractors, so you can count on us for all of your needs. We schedule timely service appointments as soon as you call for our water treatment services.

We Do Everything Your Water Needs

We offer both rental and purchase plans to get you started on the path to good water. Our trained and experienced water technicians are fully capable of diagnosing and resolving your water problems. They are skilled in maintenance and installation of both new and replacement systems and are licensed and insured for the state of Maryland, so you can trust that they’re thoroughly qualified to fix your water. In fact, our water company can treat all common problems you may be having with guaranteed service and quality equipment.

We’ve been serving the locals since 1945, acquiring more than 72 years of experience in the business. Our equipment includes:

  • Diamond Crystal
  • Pulsafeeder Genuine Parts
  • Rain Soft
  • Rego
  • Trinity Containers, LLC
  • Worthington Cylinders
Contact us to learn how we condition your water to keep it safe. We visit homes across Edgewater, Maryland, and the neighboring areas.

Gas Services

Gas Services | Propane Delivery Edgewater, MD

Whether you need tank and gas lines installed or if you are adding new propane appliances to your home or business, our team will help you through the process to get the right system for your needs. We also provide Annapolis propane delivery in Edgewater, MD and the surrounding areas.

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Water Conditioning

Water Conditioning | Water Treatment Services Edgewater, MD

Do you have stains on your water fixtures or unpleasant odors? Our equipment is capable of giving you the water you will enjoy. Let us show you ways to save money and improve your water quality with our water treatment services in Edgewater, MD.

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